Daytona M & L Star GTX, förhöjd sula och klack Expandera

Daytona M & L Star GTX, förhöjd sula och klack

6 499,00 kr

Dam och herrstövlar med förhöjd sula och klack.

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Butikslager, Stockholm: Finns i lager

Webblager, Mc-Boden: Finns i lager

Daytona special boot for a higher stand and easier rest.

In looks and quality similar to Travel Star GTX

  • Higer stand, ca 6cm heel height
  • Cork heel extension with leather cover
  • shorter shaft
  • provides special adjustment in the calf region


  • ankle protection, padded inside with open-cell special foam
  • shinbone protection padded with latex foam inside
  • a plastic reinforced inner sole with a hot-dip galvanised steel inlay, that allows you to gently roll your feet
  • 3M-Scotchlite heel reflector
  • robust non-slip special touring sole

• Height of shaft: ca. 30 cm
• Sizes: 35 - 43
• Colour: black

For this boot with Gore-TEX® laminate we ensure the GORE-TEX® Satisfaction Guarantee.

Made in Germany, by hand!


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