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Richa Escape Boot WP

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Bekväma låga MC-skor med membran som håller vind och vatten på utsidan av skorna.

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Richa  Escape Boot WP, bekväma låga MC-skor med membran som håller vind och vatten på utsidan av skorna.

The Escape WP motorcycle shoe from Richa is a comfortable shoe that you can wear both on and off the motorcycle. The shoe is made of microfibre and nylon mesh. The Escape WP is reinforced on the critical parts of impact; the ankles, toes and heel. This means you are optimally protected and you have that reassured stiff feel you look for in a motorcycle shoe. The shoe is also equipped with a velcro strap on the top so that you can close the Richa Escape WP properly.
With these motorcycle shoes you don’t have to avoid a rain shower. The Richa Escape WP is equipped with a waterproof membrane. There is also a shifting pad on the nose of the shoe to reduce shift wear and enhance grip in the rain. There are also various 3M reflective inserts on the shoe, which contribute to your visibility in traffic.

Features of the Richa Escape WP
Type of rider
- For summer and mid-season

Outer layer and protection
- Made of microfiber & nylon mesh
- Various 3M reflective inserts
- CE-certified protection only
- Extra reinforcement on the toes and heel
- Shifter pad

Waterproofing, inner lining and ventilation
- Waterproof and breathable membrane

- Non-slip sole
- Velcro strap at the top

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