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För dig som letar efter en elegant bra hjälm med retrolook i klassisk stilfull design med moderna funktioner och som uppfyller de senaste godkännande kraven enligt ECE 22.06. Japansk kvalitet när den är som bäst!

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Shoei Glamster 06 är kanske det optimala för dig som letar efter en elegant bra hjälm med retrolook i klassisk stilfull design med moderna funktioner och som uppfyller de senaste godkännande kraven enligt ECE 22.06
Hjälmskalet är tillverkat av AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) som är en högpresterande skalstruktur i glasfiber med en sammansättning av flera fibrer, designad exklusivt av Shoei, lätt i vikt men ändå ett mycket stötabsorberande skal med optimal styvhet.

- Approved according to ECE 22.06 homologation
- Maximum protection with a classic look
- Vintage look with modern features
- Ventilation: simply cool - inside and out
- Three different outer shells for perfect fit and compact dimensions (1: XS - M / 2: L / 3: XL - XXL)
- EPS inner lining in 2 thicknesses provides a very good shock absorbing effect protection thanks to EPS elements with different degrees of damping.
- Removable and washable cheek pads and 3D centerpad
- CPB-1 visor
- Multiple venting channels for optimal ventilation
- Chin and forehead air intakes for fresh air supply at any time
- Chin strap with Double-D-ring closure
- Sizes: XS - XXL
- E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) simplifies helmet removal in case of emergency
- Easy operation acuh with gloves. When closed, secured against unexpected opening while riding
Shoei Glamster06, the neo-retro street helmet

Its outer shell from AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) in combination with a composite polystyrene core with its elements different in density provide an optimal impact protection. A clear visor with a wide field of vision makes for a clear view under nearly all conditions. The appropriate double-D-chinstrap is easy to adjust and keeps the helmet in place safely. In an emergency the cheek pads can be removed easily with the EQRS-system and thus a gentle removal of the helmet is provided.
The SHOEI GLAMSTER06 meets the requirements of the new test standard for motorbike helmets ECE-22.06.

Wearing comfort
3 different sizes of the outer shell (SX-M | L | XL-XXL) allow for an optimal proportion of driver to helmet size and besides look pretty cool. The center pad, the cheek pads as well as the chin strap pads are removable and washable. For an even more precise fit the center and cheek pads are available in different optional sizes.

Optional parts
For a replacement of worn out padding but also for an individual fitting of the helmet the center and cheek pads can be purchased in different sizes and thicknesses. The chinstrap cover as well as chin curtain can also be replaced. The clear visor can be replaced by an optional, tinted visor taking into account the homologation standards.

Included in delivery
The SHOEI GLAMSTER06 comes with a helmet bag for its storage, an anti-fog PINLOCK®EVO lens with compatible spare pins, a chin curtain, a GLAMSTER logo sticker and silicone oil for the care of the window beading and visor mechanism.
The handbook of the helmet, as well as the brochure “How to use your helmet properly” provides useful instructions for use, maintenance and care of your SHOEI GLAMSTER06.

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