AGV AX-8 Evo, mattsvart Expandera

AGV AX-8 Evo, mattsvart

4 099,00 kr

Tuff adventurehjälm, kevlar och kolfiber i tre skalstorlekar för bästa komfort och låg vikt.

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Butikslager, Stockholm: Finns i lager

Webblager, Mc-Boden: Finns i lager

AGV AX-8 Evo, mattsvart

Hybridhjälm för dig som gillar tuff design.

SÄKERHET: SSL (Super Super Light) i glasfiber, kevlar och kolfiber i tre skalstorlekar för bästa komfort och låg vikt. Stötupptagande gummikloss vid hakspetsen.

VENTILATION: IVS (Integrated Ventilation System): integrerade ventilationskanaler. Fem främre luftintag, två intag vid kinderna och två utsläpp baktill.

INREDNING: Lätt urtagbar och tvättbar inredning och kindkuddar
VISIR: DUAL rep- och imfritt

KNÄPPNING: Dubbel D-ringar

VIKT: 1300 g +/- 50 g stl M


AGV AX-8 Evo Naked
The aggressive look of the AX-8 EVO NAKED helmet appeals to a wide range of riders complimenting the style and design of Streetfighters, Supermotos or Naked bikes. Using the same distinctive modern lines of our Ax-8 Evo Dual Sport helmet, the Naked version offers a sleek, protective, comfortable, lightweight, and uncompromising helmet perfect for experienced and new riders alike.

The AGV AX-8 Evo Naked is designed to improve the aerodynamics: the removal of the peak and the upper air-intake, reduces drag effect and assures a smoother air flow for maximum performance.

The lower section of the AX-8 Naked is shaped to maximize the interaction with back protectors, while the pronounced chin bar has a shock absorber function which prevents and reduces impact traumas. These improvements result in the ultimate aggressive and minimalistic design ideal for naked , sport , street fighter , and supermotard motorcycles.

The new skin-friendly fabrics of the AX-8 Naked improve the comfort of the fit and reduce rubbing when putting on and or taking off the helmet. The new internal padding with increased thickness improves comfort while wearing. It is composed of a Dry-lex® material that has been provided with sanitizing treatment. It is completely removable and washable, including the flap on the strap in order to ensure constantly perfect hygiene inside the helmet.

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