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NOLAN N-COM B602 R duo

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NOLAN N-COM B602 R duo (för två hjälmar). Passar följande hjälmar; N120-1; N100-6; N90-3; N80-8; N70-2 GT/X; N40-5/GT; N100-5/PLUS; N104/EVO/ABSOLUTE; N87/PLUS; N44/EVO; N40/FULL.

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NOLAN N-COM B602 R duo (för två hjälmar), designad för samtal mellan förare och passagerare, taltid ca 12tim, standby ca 20 dagar.

Passar följande hjälmar;  N120-1; N100-6; N90-3; N80-8; N70-2 GT/X; N40-5/GT; N100-5/PLUS; N104/EVO/ABSOLUTE; N87/PLUS; N44/EVO; N40/FULL.

Håll kontakten med din medresenär: B602 R har många finesser. A2DP musik och telefonsamtal, A2DP står för "Advanced Audio Distribution Profile". Denna Blåtandprofil innehåller alla funktioner som behövs för att kunna överföra stereoljud. Används vid överföring av högkvalitativt ljud från en enhet till en annan via en Bluetooth-anslutning t.ex. musik från en mobiltelefon till ett headset.

Mer; AVRCP som står för Audio/Video Remote Control Profile. Det är en Bluetooth-profil som möjliggör fjärrkontroll av ljud- eller videouppspelning på en ansluten enhet. AVRCP aktiverar funktioner som uppspelning, paus, stopp, nästa, föregående och volymkontroll.

Bluetooth-anslutning för telefoner och navigatorsystem (GPS). Intercomsamtal med passageraren och möjligheten att dela telefonsamtal.

N-Com B602 is designed for motorcyclists who love travelling medium to long distances and travel solo or as passengers on the same bike. Even at high speed, intercom conversation is clear and defined with optimal audio quality. Unfamiliar with technology? No problem, the B602 offers two modes, Complete and Simple, which can be selected according to the functions you require including ease of use. In addition, optimization of intercom audio quality, compatibility with the N-Com EASYSET app, firmware updates from your smartphone, and the ability to change the language of voice announcements directly via the system. N-Com B602, the intercom that adapts to your needs.

Product details
- Weather protection: splashwater proof
- The B602 products are designed for short-distance communication: pilot-passenger
- Maximum talk time: 12 hours
- Maximum standby time: 20 days
- Intercom conferencing (Bluetooth): Up to 2 users
- Intercom toggling mode (Bluetooth): Up to 2 users
- Microphone types: Boom microphone included
- Smartphone app for easy operation: iOS and Android
- Mounting: preparation in the helmet
- Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth 5.0
- User interface: 3 buttons

- Driver to Passenger intercom via Bluetooth
- Full-Duplex (intercom)
Compatible via Bluetooth with Nolangroup Bluetooth communication systems (except for Bluetooth kit and Bluetooth kit2, which are not compatible)
Compatibility via Bluetooth with intercom systems of other brands

Telephone via Bluetooth: vocal answer, hanging up, voice commands, redialling the last number, switch intercom/phone automatic management
Automatic exclusion of intercom and of the connected audio source during a telephone conversation. Automatic reconnection at the end of the phone call
"Conference Call" function: 3-way telephone call between Rider, Passenger and caller
Double mobile phone management
Storing of 3 favourite numbers, with speed-dialling command
Smart Navi System: intelligent management of smartphone navigator

Music via Bluetooth (A2DP profile): Play, Pause, Skip, Rewind directly from the helmet (AVRCP profile)
Music sharing via Bluetooth with a second helmet

Connection via Bluetooth to compatible satellite navigators: directions, MP3 music, mobile phone (for models that allow it)

Connection via Bluetooth to the following audio systems: Ducati, BMW, KTM, Honda Goldwing, Harley Davidson
Hearing all audio signals coming from the motorbike in the helmet
Adjusting the volume of audio coming from the bike by means of the control on the handlebars (for models that allow it)

Rechargeable, replaceable lithium battery
Fast Charge: enables fast charging of the system. The function is available in use of the supplied USB charger and USB cable
BATTERY SAVING: automatic shutdown of the N-Com amplifier when no active audio sources are heard
Low battery with audible and visual signal
Talk time: 12 hours
Charging: 100/240V - 50/60 Hz

Two modes for operating the N-Com system
Complete Mode (system preset) and Simple Mode
Simple Mode can be activated via the N-Com system, the N-Com Easyset app, or your computer using the N-Com Easyset program

Compatibility with: N120-1; N100-6; N90-3; N80-8; N70-2 GT/X; N40-5/GT

You will not find better integration: the B602 was designed and developed specifically to be assembled on compatible Nolan helmets. The helmet retains its original comfort.

Thin, built into the helmet, 3-button keypad.​The special ergonomic design of the keypad allows an easy use, even when wearing biker gloves.

The joint development of intercom and helmet ensures ideal positioning of earphones and microphone. The audio quality is excellent, the conversation clear and pleasant even at high speeds, and background noise is reduced.

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