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SCOTT Airflex Pro ryggskydd

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SCOTT Soft CR2 ryggskydd

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SCOTT Soft CR2 ryggskydd

Löstagbara, mjuk och ventilerad D3O® ryggplatta med luftgenomsläpp, plattan är låg profil, vilket gör den kompatibel med de flesta nackskydd.

- Reglerbara axelband.
- Justerbar Bröstrem.
- Dubbel elastisk midjeband.
- Mjukt ryggskydd med bra passform och ventilation, perfa för dig med lite svank i ryggen.
- Godkänd enligt Level 2, EN 1621-2:2003

Längd mätt längs ryggraden i mitten:
Storlek S/M  cirka 47cm
Storlek L/XL cirka 52cm
Storlek XL/XXL cirka 57cm

Twice as safe as our Level 1 back protectors, the Level 2 certified SCOTT AirFlex Pro Protector is the go-to protector for those who are not afraid to go all in! Shoulder and hip straps ensure the D3O® plate stays in place so you are fully protected - while giving you all the freedom you need.

Certification Level; Level 2 of EN1621-2
Construction; Scott Airflex Pro D3O® plate, stretchable and breathable mesh
Composition; Protective parts: 100% Polyurethane, Textile parts: 68% Polyamide, 17% Elastane, 15% Polyester

- Innovative soft protective SCOTT Airflex Pro back plate featuring D3O® technology with integrated shoulder straps and hip belt
- Adjustable shoulder straps with sternum closure
- Adjustable mesh hip belt hook and loop closure integrated with back plate

D3O® Technology SCOTT developed a whole collection of soft protection featuring D3O®.D3O® material is a unique solution with the focus on energy dispersion in critical areas for maximum shock absorption and protection. The functionality of the raw material originates from the synergistic effects of the polymer based dilatants. Energy is distributed throughout the synthetic elastomeric polymer and the enhanced chemistry continues to distribute energy on throughout the matrix, significantly reducing the effect of impact. 

How D3O® Molecule work D3O® materials in their raw state flow freely when moved slowly.This phenomenon allows soft protection to move with riders for anoptimized comfort.BUT, on shock, molecules lock together to protect, absorb and disperseenergy, before instantly returning to their flexible state, for anoptimized protection.Moreover : the greater the force of the impact is, the more the moleculeslock together and the greater the SCOTT D3O® protection is.Elevate your safety !

D3O®'s global patents ensure that no other technology can offer the same level of performance, and SCOTT D3O® materials are engineered to be fit-for-purpose, for an optimized protection AND comfort.
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