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Nolan N100-6 mattsvart

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Öppningsbar hjälm P/J -homologerad och godkänd enligt den nya hjälm normen ECE 22.06. Detta mästerverk är designat med toppmodern teknik och står på höjden av prestige och prestanda.

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Art.nr: 298425-10

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Nolan N100-6 Classic N-Com Helmet, P/J -homologerad och godkänd enligt den nya hjälm normen ECE 22.06. Detta mästerverk är designat med toppmodern teknik och står på höjden av prestige och prestanda.
Som en modulär hjälm erbjuder N100-6 det bästa av två världar. Den kombinerar friheten hos en öppen hjälm med skyddet av en helhjälm. När säkerheten är av största vikt, sänk ned hakskyddet så har du helansiktsskydd.

This is not just a helmet; it's an embodiment of unrivaled innovation. The N100-6 sets new standards for a high-end polycarbonate flip-up helmet, developing the popular technical features of the predecessor N100-5 and showing a sportier soul and even more refined finishes. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you embark on thrilling touring adventures, pushing the limits of exploration. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, this masterpiece stands at the pinnacle of prestige and performance. Elevate your riding experience and embrace the road with an undeniably emotional connection. It's time to redefine your journey.

"Modular Design with Chin Guard: As a modular helmet, the N100-6 offers the best of both worlds. It combines the freedom of an open-face helmet with the protection of a full-face helmet. You can quickly flip up the chin guard when you need to communicate, take a breather, or simply enjoy the wind on your face. When safety is paramount, lower the chin guard, and you have full-face protection.

Dual Action - Chin Guard Opening System: The N100-6 features a cutting-edge Dual Action chin guard opening system. This innovative design allows you to effortlessly and smoothly open the chin guard with ease and with one hand only. Whether you need quick access or full-face protection, this feature offers the versatility you demand.

LPC - Liner Positioning Control: Tailor your helmet's fit to perfection with the LPC (Liner Positioning Control) feature. This customization option ensures that the helmet sits comfortably and securely on your head. Say goodbye to discomfort during long rides.

N-Com Ready: Stay connected and enhance your riding experience with the N-Com ready integration. This feature enables you to seamlessly integrate communication systems into your helmet. Whether it's staying in touch with fellow riders or enjoying music on the go, N-Com compatibility keeps you connected.

Chin Guard Rotation With Elliptical Trajectory: The chin guard rotation movement with elliptical trajectory makes it possible to keep the total size of the helmet’s front section to a minimum, when the chin guard is open. The “sail” effect is consequently highly reduced and riding comfort is still guaranteed, even when the chin guard is lifted.

Automatic Retraction System: The helmet features an automatic retraction system, providing convenience and ease when adjusting the VPS Sunscreen to suit your specific needs."

Technical characteristics
- Helmet Type, Nolan - Modular
- Retention system, Microlock2
- Number of outer shell, two
- Safety product, DUAL ACTION - Chin guard opening system
- Visor, Scratch Resistant treatement on both sides, Ultrawide Visor
- Ventilation, Air exhaust, Chin ventilation, Top ventilation
- Vision protection system, VPS (SUNSCREEN) with scratch-resistant treatement
- Universe, Flip-Up Nolan
- Ventilation technology, Airbooster Technology
- User cluster, Travel
- Outer shell material, Lexan™ Polycarbonate
- Visor mechanism, Quick-release shield system
- VPS mechanism, Adjustable system, Automatic retraction system
- Other features, Top Helmet bag
- ECE Homologation type, P/J Homologation
- Helmet communication system, N-Com ready
- Comfort Type,Removable "Clima Comfort Top"
- Aerodynamics System, Chin Guard Rotation With Elliptical Motion
- Pinlock, With Pinlock® adjustable pins, Pinlock® (no Special-Special N-Com)

Comfort feature
- 3D Shape Cheek Pads
- Cheek Pads with removable padding
- Integrated Chin straps
- EA - Eyewear Adaptive
- Ecologically sustainable fabrics
- Liner with net construction
- LPC - Liner Positioning Control
- Removable Cheek Pads
- Wind protector

Helmet size / head circumference
2XS - 54 cm
XS - 55 cm
S - 56 cm
M - 57-58 cm
L - 59-60 cm
XL - 61-62 cm
2XL - 63-64 cm
3XL - 65 cm


Use and Maintenance Manual

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