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Caberg Tourmax X mattsvart

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Öppningsbar ECE 22:06 godkänd hjälm som som är godkänd både som integralhjälm och jethjälm med en smart skärmlösning som inte stör öppningsfunktionen.

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Caberg Tourmax X mattsvart, bekväm öppningsbar hjälm, "Flip Up" med skärm.

- ECE 22:06 P/J godkänd
- Käkpartiet (bogvisiret) kan låsas i det övre läget och hjälmen är därför godkänd både som integralhjälm och jethjälm.
- Det inre solvisiret har olika lägen som Du enkelt manövrerar med ett reglage ovanpå hjälmen.
- Pinlockvisir som förhindrar imma medföljer.
- Extra utrymme för dig som har glasögon.
- Micrometiskt snabbspänne.
- Reflexinlägg i nacken.
- Justerbar ventilation.
- Reptåligt visir.
- Dragskydd.
- Löstagbar och tvättbar inredning.
- Förberedd för Cabergs egna kommunikationsutrustning Caberg Pro Speak EVO intercom
- Vikt; Medium 1650g +/- 50 gram.

The TOURMAX X is the new version of the popular flip up Adventure helmet TOURMAX with a new chin guard opening system able to pass all the tests requested by ECE 22.06 P/J. As result of the long experience gained by Caberg, the first Italian company to produce flip up helmets, the TOURMAX X 100% Made in Italy is equipped with a peak that automatically moves close to the visor when opening the chin guard in order to minimize air resistance.

The TOURMAX X comes with the dual homologation P/J which allows you to ride with the chin guard open guaranteeing safety thanks to the lever P/J on the left hand side of the helmet. This lever when in the “J” position, blocks the chin guard in the fully open position avoiding the chin guard to accidentally close. Inside the product box are present the screws to transform the TOURMAX X in a traditional flip up model without the peak.

The TOURMAX X is equipped with the exclusive Double Visor Tech system that, thanks to the easy-to-use inner sunshade visor, allows you to ride always with the right light and in safety. The inner sunshade visor is treated anti-scratch, while the outer clear visor is not only anti-scratch but also anti-fog thanks to the double lens Pinlock. Ventilation is guaranteed by two wide vents placed on the chin guard and on the shell that are easy to maneuver also with gloves. The air is channelled through grooves on the inner liner that ensure perfect ventilation of the helmet.

The lining is completely removable and washable, realized with breathable for maximum freshness, with reflective inserts at the back of the neck.

The TOURMAX X has a seating to accommodate the Caberg Bluetooth communication system “PRO SPEAK EVO” which allows to communicate not only with your own mobile phone and your passenger but also to connect to a GPS system, listen to music through your mobile or an MP3 player. The PRO SPEAK EVO is equipped with Bluetooth A2DP that permits to listen in high quality stereo. To grant the maximum safety the TOURMAX X passed all the ECE 22.06 tests also with the Caberg Pro Speak EVO installed.

- ECE 22.06 P/J homologated
- Shell: LG Chem Hi-Impact ABS
- Double visor (clear + smoke)
- Quick release visor system
- Anti-scratch visor with Pinlock Max Vision
- Micrometric buckle
- Internal air-cirkulation
- Removable and washable liner
- Rain Protection RIMS
- Removable wind-stop
- Wide Visor Max Vision
- Ready for Caberg Pro Speak EVO intercom

XS 53/54
S 55/56
M 57/58
L 59/60
XL 61/62
WEIGHT: 1650 gr. +/- 50 gram

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