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Merlin Edale 2 Vaxjacka olivgrön

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Supercool motorcykeljacka, modern tolkning av traditionell vaxad bomull, D30®️ axel och armbågsskydd.

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Art.nr: MTP134-OLV

Butikslager, Stockholm: Finns i lager

Webblager, Mc-Boden: Finns i lager

Merlin Edale Vaxjacka olivgrön, trekvartslång jacka med i Halley Stevensons 8 oz Cotec-tyg.

Supercool motorcykeljacka i en fantastiskt bra kvalitet tillverkat av Cotec som är en modern tolkning av traditionell vaxad bomull, men med bättre andningsförmåga, enklare underhåll, samt överlägsen nötningsbeständighet.
Tyget är mycket lättare än jämförbar traditionell vaxad bomull, vilket innebär att plagget är mycket bekvämt att bära.
Halley Stevensons®-Merlin-samarbetstyg förblir exklusivt för Merlin och väger hälften av vikten men dubbelt så stark som vår traditionella vaxade bomull. Ett vattentätt och andningsbart membran - up-spec Humax, skapas skydd för väta.

Jackan har klassiska skotskrutiga paneler invändigt, klassiska diamantstickningar vid förstärkningar på ok- axel- och armbågsparti samt ventilation både fram och bak.

- Justerbar kragvidd
- Bomullsfoder plus löstagbart Outlast-foder
- LP1 D30 axel- och armbågsskydd godkända enligt CE-standard EN1621-1:2012
- Up-spec Huma waterproof/breathable membran
- Fyra bälgfickor i fronten försedda med både klaff och tryckknapp
- Två horisontella bröstfickor med dragkedja
- Inre förvaringsfickor
- Förvaringsficka i ryggen
- Ficka för ryggskydd (som köps separat, ingår ej)
- YKK dragkedjor
- Reglerbar vidd på ärmar
- Dragkedja för anslutning med byxa
- Godkänd enligt standard EN17092, Level AA.

Edale waxed cotton motorcycle jacket, constructed from 8oz Cotec, this Halley Stevensons®-Merlin collaboration fabric remains exclusive to Merlin and is half the weight but twice the strength of our traditional waxed cotton. Edale II makes use of Outlast® temperature regulating technology within the thermal liner, which can be zipped out if necessary and the garment has even better breathability with an up-spec Humax waterproof membrane. D3O® armour and Reissa® waterproofing to ensure the highest quality.

- Two chest pockets with gusset
- Two lower waterproof pockets with gusset
- Large back pocket for gloves/accessories
- Jet inside pocket
- Inner pockets
- Customs/coin pocket on forearm
- D3O® LP1 shoulder and elbow protector Pre-assembled
- D3O® Viper Large back protector pre-assembled
- EN17092 Level AA protective clothing

To care for your jacket, begin by lightly brushing off any dirt or soil, and use a cold damp cloth if necessary to wipe down the jacket. Clean it in this way regularly to maintain its appearance, but don’t be too harsh as the wax will be removed. You can re-wax the jacket with our Merlin Wax Cotton Tin when it loses its waxed finish and water begins to soak into the cotton rather than bead off. Please do not machine wash, tumble dry or use hot water on your jacket. Full care information can be found in our dedicated care guide: Merlin Wash & Care.

Care For Your Waxed Cotton Gear
These types of garments use a 100% cotton that is treated with a special wax coating. This coating helps acts as a protective barrier against both wind and water, yet still allows the fabric to remain breathable. Knowing how difficult and harsh the weather can be for us riders, Merlin also chooses to provide extra support to the wax by specifying that a Reissa waterproof and breathable membrane sits behind the wax. This means that even over a long period when the wax begins to dry out the waterproofing performance of your jacket is not compromised- some riders actually prefer the aged dry look of the wax. The key to getting the most out of your wax cotton jacket is to show it a little care and attention, for which in return it will serve you well for many years.

If you have any further questions to the below then please consult Merlin directly.

- Lightly brush off any dirt or soil, and if necessary, use a cold damp cloth to wipe down the jacket. Clean your jacket regularly to maintain its appearance but go easy as the wax will be removed. Dried mud, sand or grit are abrasive to the wax, especially along inner sleeve seams and this is the reason why we recommend brushing off regularly
- Re-wax the jacket when the jacket loses its waxed appearance/finish and water stops beading and instead soaks into the cotton. Purchase a waxed cotton dressing tin from several online retailers and heat the tin of reproofing wax so that it becomes pliable and easy to apply. You can place the tin into a pan of hot water and warm it gently. Evenly apply the wax with a lint-free cloth, paying attention to seams.
- Allow the wax to settle and dry slightly and remove any excess build-up. Use a hairdryer to melt the wax into the jacket- allowing an even spread of wax. Allow the jacket to dry in a well-ventilated area for 24 hours.
- Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not wipe with hot water. Avoid soap and detergents unless the garment is particularly dirty and you need to get rid of these dirt/gnat marks before re-waxing.
- Keep your jacket stored on a hanger to maintain its shape and appearance
- Liners too can be spot cleaned using a gentle process of sponging/cloth wiping (lint-free) with a neutral soap the inside fixed liner whether that mesh or cotton. Do not heavily saturate the area and allow the garment to dry by hanging in a well in a ventilated area, away from a direct heat source (e.g. sun/radiators) and if possible, on a suitable hanger or airer.

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