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Overland-bränsledunkar är några av de tåligaste i världen, tillverkad i Nederländerna till högsta kvalitet för att tåla extrem användning över tid.

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Art.nr: OF-O-4.5L Vartex

Butikslager, Stockholm: Finns ej i lager

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Overland-bränsledunkar är några av de tåligaste i världen, tillverkad i Nederländerna till högsta kvalitet för att tåla extrem användning över tid.
Tålig design, tillverkad med rotationsformningsteknik i toppmodern anläggning där de kvalitetskontrollerats var och en vilket gör dessa tekniskt överlägsna.
Till skillnad från de trelagers gjutna behållarna som kan dela sig med tiden, använder Overland-Fuel ett tjockare lager av TÜV-godkänt och patenterat material som gör det starkare.
Materialet är inte benäget att flagna med tiden och kan motstå korrosiva material som bränsle under de svåraste förhållandena.
Behållarna har en specialdesignad läckagesäker gängad hals med lås och bränsletålig packning som möjliggör en sömlös tätning av locksammansättningen.
Pip medföljer och den är försedd med FKM bränslebeständig gummitätning.
Denna dunk är enbart anpassad för bränsle som bensin, diesel och fotogen.

- Overland-Fuel containers are some of the toughest in the world. Manufactured in the Netherlands to the highest quality to withstand extreme use and time.
- Tough by design and manufactured using rotational molding technique in state-of-the-art facility, quality checked each and every one, which makes it technically superior.
- As opposed to the 3-layer molded containers which can peel by time, Overland-Fuel uses a thicker one layer of TÜV approved and Patent material that makes it stronger, not prone to material peeling by time and able to withstand corrosive materials such as fuel in the harshest conditions.
- The containers have specially designed leak proof neck and thread with cap lock and fuel resistant gasket allows seamless cap composition seal.
Made in the Netherlands

– Dimensions: 360 x 270 x 85mm (W x L x H)
– Volume: 4.5 Liters/ 1.19 US Gallons
– Weight (incl. spout) empty: 1.1 kg / 2.42 lbs
– Weight (incl. spout) filled 4.5L fuel: 4.4 kg / 9. 72 lbs (based on 1 Dutch Petrol liter = 0.737 kilogram)
– Spout: included Overland-Fuel self-venting spout
– FKM Fuel resistant Rubber seal
– Type of Fluids: Fuel Only – Benzine, Gasoline, Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Gasoil

BEFORE USE: Please wash thoroughly and allow to dry. As new plastic jerry cans can sometimes have debris from the production process present.

Weight: 1145g / 40oz


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Overland Fuel Cans stackable? And if so how many cans can I Stack?

Yes, Overland Fuel jerry cans are stackable on top of each other through the mounting system.

On the question of how many cans can you stack, well that will depend on how and where you are going to mount them but we recommend maximum of 2 stacked cans.

Further information: The ability to stack is limited by the ability of the mount, its base plate, bolts and the place/surface that you are bolting the mount to carry weight. Base on testing the maximum.

Can I add fuel to the water cans and water to the fuel cans?
No, we highly recommend that you don’t do that. The water and fuel cans are from different materials.
The water cans materiel comply with EU regulations (EU)10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food while the fuel cans don’t.

Which is a better Overland Fuel Cans or Rotopax cans or Kolpin?
Overland fuel cans are better than Rotopax. Away from any marketing slogans, Overland Fuel cans are superior in terms of materiel, leak proof and manufacturing process.

Does Overland Fuel Cans fits with Rotopax mounts?
Yes, Overland Fuel cans fits with Rotopax mounts. The mount plates are different though but still can operate on both Overland Fuel and Rotopax.

Do I need to vent Overland Fuel Cans and Why?
Yes, as with all fuel jerry cans, even the metal ones, you need to regularly vent Overland Fuel cans. the reason for that is simple, fuel/petrol/gasoline is not a singular substance. It contains a mixture of over 500 hydrocarbons. Because of the volatile nature of many of these compounds, the movement of the car or motorcycle allows gasoline to vaporize in the gas tank. Vaporized fuel builds pressure in the cans. you can experience this even opening the cap or your car or motorcycle tank when you hear this pressure release sound.

Heat builds fuel vapor pressure

The gasses released from liquid fuel/petrol/gasoline in a sealed container (the jerry cans) are directly affected by the temperature of the fuel/petrol/gasoline; the higher the temperature is, the more pressure builds in the cans. Reducing the temperature of the fuel/petrol/gasoline cans has the opposite effect. Vaporized molecules will condense, and pressure will reduce.

Does Overland Fuel cans expand and contract?
Yes. This is the laws of physics vs the materials. The cans will expand and contract with temperature difference and this will also change the stiffness and flexibility of the cans.

What did Overland Fuel do about this expansion and contraction issue?
Overland Fuel have thought about this technical issue in depth. Asked experts and designers on how to reduce this effect. First, Overland Fuel addressed the issue in the design phase of the cans through studying how to reduce this effect through the design of the cans. You can see the results through for example: how the mount area looks like, the thickness of the mount area, the middle wall vs the corners and the thickness of the can overall, the location of the handles and curves on the cans.

Second, through the choice of materiel. If we use very stiff material to reduce this effect, the cans could easily break so we had to work through the available materials to ensure that the materiel is strong enough to reduce the effect of expansion and contraction yet flexible to withstand impacts and heavy duty use, and we came up with a Patent high quality – really not cheap – material that can provide both.

In conclusion, Overland Fuel cans expand and contract but to a minimum.

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