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SP-Connect (plus) Universal Interface

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 SPC+ självhäftande universalhållare för med 3M™ lim som ger en mycket hög vidhäftningsförmåga på en mängd olika material. 

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SP-Connect (plus) Universal Interface, självhäftande universalhållare med 3M™ lim som ger en mycket hög vidhäftningsförmåga på en mängd olika material.

SP-Connect (plus) Universal Interface
Make any phone case and other devices SPC+ compatible. Simply snap on and mount securely.
- Secure, flat and sturdy adhesive pad
- For bicycles, motorbikes, cars, golf carts and many more
- 3M adhesive film for flexible use
- Compatible with all SPC+ mounts

Create new connections! With the Universal Interface, your existing phone case can be attached to all SPC+ mounts – either mechanically or magnetically, depending on the model. Or use it to mechanically mount other gadgets like tablets, speakers and powerbanks.

Mount your smartphone or other devices to bikes, motorcycles, in cars, on golf carts, etc. in just one second. This adhesive pad makes it possible. Tip: The perfect solution also for smartphone models from Xiaomi, Nokia, LG and Co.

It's very easy to mount the Universal Interface to your phone case. Remove the protective film from the adhesive pad and press it onto the back of your case. Make sure to center it as much as possible for best results.

55(W) x 66(H) x 5(D) mm

What's included:
1 × Universal Interface SPC+
1 × Adapter SPC+
1 × Tool SPC+


Universal Interface SPC+

Manual Universal Interface SPC+

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