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MC-kapell Defender, värmetåligt storlek L

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Värmetåligt vattentätt lättvikts MC-kapell av toppkvalité tillverkat av Tri-Max polyester med elektroniskt värmeförseglade sömmar.

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MC-kapell Defender, värmetåligt storlek L

MC-kapell som passar motorcyklar 750cc-1000cc, små Customs med med liten ruta.

Ventilerat MC-kapell som minimerar kondens.

Mjukt extra repskydd på insidan av kapellet högst upp längst fram där eventuell vindruta är monterad.

Levereras med en liten smidig kompressionssäck som gör det lätt för dig att stuva undan kapellet när Du inte använder det.

Värmetålig material i nederkant. Tips; Låt din motorcykel svalna ett tag innan Du sätter på kapellet på din MC, så värmetåligt att det tål ett glödhett grenrör är det inte.....

Vikt: ca 1,10 kg, Längd: ca 271 cm, Bredd: ca 94 cm, Höjd: ca 137 cm.

Två kraftiga öljetter längst ned i mitten på båda sidorna för att vid behov kunna låsa fast kapellet.
Waterproof Motorcycle Cover
    Made from a medium weight top quality UV-treated Tri-Max polyester
    All seams are electronically heat sealed making the cover 100% waterproof
    Packed in free compression bag for the ultimate in compact storage (Approximately 10"H x 6"D)
    Silver heat resistant lower panels help protect from hot exhaust pipes
    Soft windshield liner helps protect against scratching and hazing
    Perma-Venting® system minimizes condensation build-up and allows constant air circulation  
    Snug elastic bottom with one-inch grommets at center and front wheel
    Sizes to fit every model M / L / XL / XXL

* Depending on exhaust type and length of riding, we recomended to let pipes and moving parts that may heat up cool at least 10 minutes before covering
Installing your cover
Installing your new Defender cover is easy!  To help, there is a "Back" tag that is sewn on the inside of the cover located at the rear tire.  Once you’ve identified the back of the cover, you may start to secure the cover around the front tire first, then pull the cover over the top of the handlebars and secure around the rear tire last.  *Note: the elastic around the bottom of the cover will hold in place under normal weather conditions.  Be cautious when installing the cover on the vehicle which has been just driven to ensure the material does not come into contact with hot parts or pipes.

Removing the cover
    Lift both ends of the cover from under front and rear tires and fenders.
    Pull up the front part of cover over handle bars and mirrors then pull up the rear of the cover over the seat.
    Make sure the cover is dry and clean before packing inside of the storage bag.

The following information is only a recommendation.  All cleaning products and methods should be tested on an inconspicuous spot before using it on the original stain/soiling.

For a light hand wash, remove any loose dirt and then dilute a mild liquid detergent in cold to lukewarm water. Lightly clean your cover with a sponge or soft brush.  It is ok to submerge the cover in a bucket or container of water.  Finally, rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed.  Allow your cover to air dry.  We recommend to NEVER place a cover in a washing machine or an automatic dryer.

For a deeper clean, like removing stubborn stains or mildew:

    Mix a cup of chlorine bleach with half a cup of mild detergent with a gallon of water.
    Clean the stain with a soft bristle brush and allow the mixture to soak into the fabric for several minutes, then rinse thoroughly until all cleaning agent is removed and the water runs clean.  
    You can repeat the cleaning process if the stain is not completely removed.
    Allow your cover to air dry.
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