NOLAN N90-2 Straton gul Expandera

NOLAN N90-2 Straton gul

3 499,00 kr

NOLAN N90-2 Straton öppningsbar hjälm, gul, godkänd som både jet- och integralhjälm.

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NOLAN N90-2 Straton öppningsbar hjälm, gul

Godkänd som både jet- och integralhjälm

  • Öppningsbar hjälm med gult/svart skal i Lexan EXL
  • N-Com förberedd, Nolans kommunikationssystem
  • Uttagbar komfortinredning
  • Microlockspänne
  • Integrerat solvisir med anti-fog coating
  • Godkänd enligt ECE 22-05
  • Vikt +/- 1780 g

Opting for a flip-up helmet is an increasingly easy decision for motorcycle riders to make. The current models are packed with features and very comfortable to wear. They meet the very strictest safety requirements and, what's more, they come in some fantastic designs. The Nolan N90.2 is an excellent example of the new generation of flip-up helmets. It embodies all the experience and expertise of the Nolan engineers.

And the result is a superb entry-level helmet which offers countless benefits when riding and touring, and also adds a whole lot of fun!

  • Visor: clear, ready for Pinlock anti-fog visor insert
  • Sun visor: integral, smoked, anti-fog coating
  • Material: Lexan EXL
  • Fastener: patented Microlock ratchet system
  • Weight: approx. 1,780 g
  • Lining: Clima-Comfort lining, breathable and fully removable
  • Ventilation: Adjustable chin and top vents plus air flow rear extraction
  • Other features: includes chin curtain. Convenient one-hand opening. The helmet is ready for fitting Nolan n-com communication systems.

Certificates: ECE 22.05 (approved as jet (open-face) and full-face helmet)

Sökord; Nolan N92



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