Nolan N53 Stain sv/grön Expandera

Nolan N53 Stain sv/grön

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Nolan N53 Stain sv/grön, Tillverkas i storlek XXS-XXXL

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Crosshjälm Nolan N53 - svart/grön

The N53 is the new off-road full-face helmet by Nolan. Extremely aggressive design and ostentatious personality for a product in line with the latest trends in its class.

  • Available in two different outer shell sizes, the N53 features an extra-wide window to accommodate different types of glasses. The rear of the shell itself has been designed to house the strap.
  • Maximum care has been taken in designing the lining with the latest generation, brightly coloured, sweatabsorbing and highly breathable fabrics. The inner padding can be easily removed for washing (particularly for off-road use).
  • The effective ventilation system offers optimal internal climate control and features several air intakes and extractors as well as AirBooster Technology.
  • DD-ring retention system (DD-ring).
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