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Visir Shoei CJ-3 fotokromariskt

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Fotokromatiskt visir CJ-3, Passar Shoei EX-Zero, Shoei J-0

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Art.nr: 17.35.012

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Visir Shoei CJ-3 fotokromariskt, visiret anpassas automatiskt från klart på kvällen till mycket mörkt i starkt solljus, vilket eliminerar behovet av ha två olika visir.

Product information "CJ-3 Photochromic"
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With a photochromic visors you are well-prepared for all light situations.
It dynamically adapts to changing light conditions.

The visor of your helmet protects you against many, what comes up to you whilst motorcycling, like wind, rain, insects or dust. A carefull maintenance prolongs its usage period.

If your visor is dirty, clean it carefully, as explained in the manual of your helmet or visor. If it is scratched or damaged, you should replace it as soon as possible, to avoid dangerous situations or an accident.

Only use visors suitable for your helmet model from the SHOEI spare parts range.

A clip-fastening mechanism allows a tool-free removal and mounting in seconds.

A manual with explanations for assembly and maintenance comes included with the visor.

Light transmission: dynamically 30-80% /// UV filter: >99% /// PINLOCK® preparation: No /// Conformity ECE R 22/05: No /// Application: Day (sunny to changeable weather)

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