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No Toil Chain Lube with wax

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En extremt vidhäftande smörjolja för din kedja och som tål mycket stora påfrestningar, volym 400 ml.

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No Toil Chain Lube with wax

Biologiskt nedbrytbar kedjespray!

Engineered to keep your chain clean and lubricated under the harshest conditions. Allowing proper set up time, No- Toil Chain Lube will have very minimal fling off and will keep your chain rolling smooth. It’s triple action formula cleans, lubricates and protects your chain – no matter if it’s a standard or o-ring chain. Engineered to adhere to your chain, on or off-road. Biodegradable and NON-TOXIC. will not affect your lungs, liver or immune system like petroleum products can. Guilty-free: over spray will not harm the environment.

Volym 350 ml, vikt 341 gram

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