Dragon NFX2 Roll System Expandera

Dragon NFX2 Roll System

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Dragon NFX2 Coal RRS Goggles, imfria dubbelglas med Roll System som Du ser kalasbra igenom.

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Dragon NFX2 Coal RRS Goggles, imfria dubbelglas med Roll System

Vid behov byter Du lins på ett par sekunder.

Since the beginning, Dragon set out to be the leader in protective eyewear across the entire action sports industry. The NFX2 Goggles are a realisation of that vision; innovation, technology, style and safety all wrapped up in the best damn looking package on the market. 

Building on it's highly successful predecessors, the NFX and NFXs, the NFX2 takes the best of both, combines them with the most high end optical technologies available today and leaves us with the future of protective eyewear in motocross; introducing the Dragon NFX2.

The NFX2 takes an incredible google and makes it even better. With an integrated removable outrigger the NFX2 is able to achieve a tighter seal with the face than any other moto goggle. The outrigger also makes tear-off application and removal a simple and effective task. The NFX2 also features Dragon’s patented frameless technology, injected dual all-weather anti fog treated lens, armored venting, premium quad-foam technology, silicone beaded strap backing, removable nose guard and extra wide peripheral view that sets an industry standard for vision.


  • Swiftlock Lens Technology enables riders to change lenses instantly, providing a faster, easier, and more secure way to adapt instantly to changing light conditions. The easy on-and-off mechanism uses a pair of small, locking levers integrated into the goggle frame. Simply flip the lever up to release the lens, pop in the new one, and with one quick motion, lock it down.


  • Armored venting makes clearing dirt packed vents a snap. With improved attachment points for secure fit, this system is ready for any conditions.


  • Outrigger positioned to draw strap forward, evenly distributing pressure for a perfect seal between goggle and face.


  • Swiftlock Lens Change System
  • Patented Frameless Technology
  • Integrated Removable Outrigger
  • Injected Dual All Weather Anti-Fog Treated Lens
  • Armored Venting
  • Premium Quad Foam Technology
  • Silicone Beaded Strap Backing
  • Removable Nose Guard
  • Extra Wide Peripheral View
  • Medium Fit
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