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SP-Connect Arm Band

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SP Connect™ ARMBAND, mobilhållare för att användas på din överarm.

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SP Connect™ ARMBAND, mobilhållare för att användas på din överarm.

- Lättanvänt och säkert låsningssystem.

Product Description
Using the multi-functional SP Connect™ ARM BAND, you can safely carry your phone with you at all times. The lightweight, breathable, and stretchy material ensures maximal comfort, and an individual fit according to your liking. Anti-pinch straps in two different sizes assure unrestricted freedom of movement even during your workout or run. A new anti-slip coating holds the ARM BAND securely in place, no matter if worn on bare skin or over your clothes. The patented twist to lock mechanism enables the secure attachment of the SP Connect™ Phone Case on the SP Connect™ ARM BAND. The ARM BAND is compatible with all SP Connect™ Phone Cases, including the Design Phone Case Edition series.

Product Features
The ARM BAND is the perfect solution if you like to keep your phone close at hand during all activities in your day-to-day life. For running, gardening, housework, in the office, when playing with your kids, and at the gym: Carefreely enjoy the best moments in life with the secure and lightweight ARM BAND!

- Lightweight, breathable and stretchy neoprene material
- Comfortable over activewear or directly around your arm
- Anti-pinch strap attachment construction
- Anti-slip coating to assure perfect fit
- Multi-functional usage (sports and everyday activity application)
- 2 adjustable, elastic straps S/M and L/XL:
- Size S/M: circumference 22-27cm / 8,6”-10,6”
- Size L/XL: circumference 27-39cm / 10,6”-15,4”

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