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NOLAN N91 blanksvart

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N91 is the new full-face flip-up helmet by Nolan

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  • Öppningsbar hjälm med mattlackat skal i Lexan EXL
  • N-Com förberedd (Nolan kommunikationssystem)
  • Uttagbar komfortinredning
  • Microlockspänne
  • Reptåligt visir med imfritt innervisir
  • Integrerat VPS solskydd
  • Fem års garanti
  • Godkänd enligt ECE 22-05
  • Vikt c:a 1650 gram





N91 is the new full-face flip-up helmet by Nolan, the product of the most up-to-date studies on design and comfort. A modernly styled look, captivating colour combinations and painstaking care for details make of N91 a comfortable, sophisticated helmet, suitable for touring and urban riding alike. N91 also shares with all the other Nolan® products characteristically high quality standards. N91 is equipped with the Microlock2 (patent pending) double lever retention system. This system consists of a thermoplastic ergonomic opening lever, and of a second aluminium toothed and holding lever. The toothed lever releases the micrometric strip, thus the chin strap can only be open with a very broad rotation of the opening lever. This device minimizes the possibility of unintentional opening of the retention system.



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