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ARAI Concept-X mattsvart

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Superläcker Retro hjälm, mycket bekväm hjälm av hög kvalitet tillverkad av kompositmaterial med komfort och prestanda som bara en Arai kan ge.

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Butikslager, Stockholm: Finns i lager

Webblager, Mc-Boden: Finns i lager

ARAI Concept-X, Superläcker Retro hjälm, mycket bekväm hjälm av hög kvalitet tillverkad av kompositmaterial med komfort och prestanda som bara en Arai kan ge.


Ventilation The Concept-X’s sleek outer shell hides a secret; Arai’s internal ventilation system. Cooling air feeds into the visor brow vents and is drawn through the comfort liner and out three upper crown exhaust holes, via a hidden multi-stage air channel within the EPS liner, by the negative pressure created by the combined Venturi effect of the side exhaust ports and neckroll vent. Up front the six meshed slots close to demist and open for airflow.

- Retro style helmet
- Handmade
- Five times inspected
- Penetration tested
- Outer shell PB e-cLc 4
- Variable Axis System (VAS)
- Free Flow System (FFS)
- Hidden multi-stage air channel
- Brow vents**
- Inner chin (bar) vent shutter
- Neck exhaust vent
- Side exhausts
- Fixed Chin Spoiler
- VAS Max Vision Visor with De-Mist option
- New shield latch lever
- Pinlock insert lens
- Replaceable Cheek Pads/Ear cups
- Replaceable Interior
- Speaker pockets
- Facial Contour System (FCS)
- 5mm ’’Peel Away’’ Ear cups/Cheek pads
- 5mm ’’Peel Away’’ Temple pad
- Double-D ring device
- Emergency Release System (ERS)
- Strong outer shell, soft inner shell
- ECE-22.05 certified

Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction (PB e-cLc). The Profile-V’s outer shell uses a Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction (PB e-cLc) for lightweight strength; it’s designed to glance off and spread impact forces. New materials have been used to substitute the AR-mat as middle layer, resulting in a substantial weight reduction while maintaining the same strength as the PB-cLc construction.

VAS MAX Vision shield is standard to provide better visibility in all seasons and for all types of riding. Comes standard with Clear
 anti-fog Pinlock insert to be installed as needed

Depending on the model, cheek pads, ear cups or the complete interior may be easily removed. All parts (replaceable or not) can be cleaned with lukewarm water and mild soap. Rinse well after cleaning and never dry in direct sunlight or near a heat source. Interior parts in different size thickness are available for a custom fit for every rider.

Hidden multi-stage air channel, allows hot air to be pulled out of the helmet through 3 holes in the EPS liner to the patented Twin Venturi Exhaust ports

Emergency Release System (ERS), allows easier access to an injured rider. By pulling the orange tabs integrated in the pads, the cheek pads slide out. Making helmet removal easier for trained medical personnel and rescuers. Minimising the risk of additional injury.

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