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Hanleigh gloves black, lady

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A women’s leather waterproof glove

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Art.nr: 51-361-01

Butikslager, Stockholm: Finns i lager

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A women’s leather waterproof glove.

Features OutDry ® technology– the new patented innovation in waterproofing.
Made in 0.8mm cowhide leather the Hadleigh is a stylish short cuff glove with a stretch leather cuff strap.
This glove has a total laminated membrane to the back of the leather so cannot absorb water past the leather exterior so the glove does not become heavy with water in the rain.

The Hadleigh boasts an OutDry® 100% waterproof, breathable insert. Outdry ®is a patented technology where the waterproof and breathable membrane is directly laminated to the inside of the leather to keep the water out.
3 season riding glove. Suitable for spring, summer and autumn riding.
Features a Nubuck palm overlay for enhanced grip.
Nubuck finger detailing.
Patented low profile Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) on the palm (Patent No EP1594378) to eliminate the grab effect that occurs when a leather palm makes contact with the road, reducing the risk of hyper extension which can be the cause of a broken scaphoid.
Soft gel knuckle guard.
Stretch leather cuff with YKK zip closure.

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