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Shoei X-Spirit 3 vit

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Racingelitens hjälm - Shoeis flaggskepp! Representeras av toppförare i Moto GP.

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Shoei X-Spirit 3 vit

X-Spirit III - Racingelitens hjälm - Shoeis flaggskepp! Representeras av toppförare i Moto GP.

Perfahjälm för dig som har brådis, funkar att köra med i över 400 km/h, se video!

Denna hjälm, skapad med avancerad teknik och främsta know-how, ger dig tack vare bästa aerodynamik och högsta komfort en känsla av lyx, glädje och njutning.

X-Spirit III är ett paket för att vinna tävlingar som skapats från "know how" genom deltagande i MotoGP, såsom aerodynamisk design för att realisera stabila aero dynamisk prestanda även i hög farter över 300 km / h.

För att upprätthålla en hög säkerhetsnivå, har en helt ny typ av interiör tagits fram med justerbara kindkuddar och centerpad. Detta för att matcha förarens framåtböjda körställning. Även ventilationssystemet är helt nytt.

Shoeis nya top-of-the-line modell figurerar nu på världens racingbanor med dessa helt nya racingspecifikationer av skal, skydd, interiör och aero-dynamik.

SÄKERHET: Skal i 6-lagers AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix) - karbon, organisk glasfiber och kolfiber. Tre-delad EPS-inredning i två olika densiteter. Kindkuddarna med EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System). CE-godkänd E22:05. Hakspänne med dubbla D-ringar. Klart imfritt pinlock EVO-visir (CWR-F) med säkerhetslås vid stängt läge.

KOMFORT: Fyra olika skalkonstruktioner. Urtagbar och tvättbar 3D Comfort-inredning.
VENTILATION: Flerfunktionsventilation med full luftgenomströmning för bästa innertemperatur.
AERODYNAMIK:Utvecklad i vindtunnel, flertalet spoilers och turbulatorer för optimal aerodynamik

XS/S = 1357g +/- 50 g

M = 1401g +/- 50 g

L = 1464g +/- 50 g

XL/XXL = 1531g +/- 50 g

STORLEKS KONVERTERING: XS (53-54), S (55-56), M (57-58),  L (59-60), XL (61-62), 2XL (63-64)


Pursuit of performance

  • The new interior system corresponds to a riding position in a sharp forward-bent posture.
  • Space around mouth is enlarged to ease breathing difficulty or locked up feeling.
  • SHOEI Adjustable Inner System makes it possible to adjust wearing angle of helmet corresponding to riding position.
  • Cheek pad ventilation system, newly developed interiors, exhausts hot air in cheek area.
  • 2-D CWR-F shield where tear-off film and Pinlock® sheet can be equipped is standardized.
  • Tear-off hook makes adjustment of tear-off film easy equipping Pinlock® sheet.
  • Double shield lock mechanism avoids unexpected opening of a shield in an accident.
  • 6 air intakes and 6 outlets are located effectively to improve ventilation system.
  • Modular center pad makes adjustment of interiors easy corresponding to head shape of each rider.
  • E.Q.R.S. is equipped to cheek pad to to make removing of helmet easy in an accident.


Certain riders adjust wearing position of helmet to secure upper vision when they are in sharp forward-bent posture. In order to correspond to such a case, fixing position of cheek pad of X-Spirit III may be rotated. Furthermore, by adjusting rear end position of center pad fit may be rotated by about 4° from standard position. As a result, movable area around neck is enlarged to correspond to a sharp forward-bent posture. When you bend your body together with machine in deep lean angle, an upper area of eye port secures large vision up to exit of corner properly.

Newly designed cheek pad is hybrid of fabric of high moisture absorption and quick drying and raised material in soft texture. Polyurethane foam pad is in 3-D shape to improve fit and hold to cheek. Furthermore, air holes are located in several areas of polyurethane foam to realize a new ventilation performance, cheek pad cooling system (tentative name) to absorb riding wind from lower intake and lead it to cheek area.

Center pad which is essential for fit is newly designed totally maintaining fit and hold performance. While top head pad is a base of pads, forehead, rear head, side head and neck areas are separate and fully removable. Partial change of pad may adjust easily to various shapes of heads. For fabrics of interiors, material of high moisture absorption and quick drying and fabric in soft texture same as cheek pad are combined with red mesh material as an accent to realize interior system with performance and sports image.

Cheek pad is equipped with E.Q.R.S. which makes removing of cheek pad by third party easy to remove helmet.


Absorption from lower, front and upper intakes and exhaust from top and side outlets and outlet hole inside aero edge spoiler absorb riding wind and exhaust hot air and moisture inside helmet effectively even when you are in sharp forward-bent posture behind screen.

Although ordinary lower air intakes have defroster performance to lead riding wind to inside of shield and supply fresh air to mouth area mainly, intake with shutter, cheek vent system, is added to ordinary intakes.

Air absorbed here streams through inside of chin-bar to cheek pads of both sides and is supplied to air holes located in polyurethane foam of cheek pad. Hot air staying around cheek is exhausted by riding wind. While staying hot air around cheek was a problem of full face helmet for a long time, it is resolved at last.

Side outlets are moved rearward to the best positions for air exhaustion corresponding to shape of shell. Hot air and moisture inside a shield are exhausted effectively. Quick drying fabric in soft texture the same as cheek pad are combined with red mesh material as an accent to realize interior system with performance and sports image.

Air absorbed from lower intake is lead to inside of cheek pad through air route inside mask liner (blue colored) and supplied to punching processed polyurethane foam for ventilation to cool down cheek area effectively.

Design and Performance

Shell is designed making a sharp forward-bent posture a basic position considering actual races.

Unnecessary stress on shell is reduced peeling wind on shell surface by small edges on top and chin areas of shell.

A rear flap is equipped to rear stabilizer in new shape on rear head area in addition to shell design.

These devices reduced lift and drag by 3% and 10% respectively compared with former model measured in inhouse wind tunnel facility, and yawing which influences shaking of helmet in high speed riding by 50%. Stability of helmet is improved and load to a rider in high speed riding is largely reduced.

In addition to standard equipped component, rear flap in narrower size is available as option. It shows higher kinematic performance especially in such a situation as circuit with many corners where a rider has to face sideways.

Removable lower air spoiler is equipped to chin-bar. It protects contributes to improvement of aerodynamic performance controlling air stream.


2-D shield, CWR-F, is standardized. It is injection molded and made of polycarbonate.

Vortex generators in small projections are equipped in both sides of shield. It reduces drag and lift.

Tear-off hooks are equipped on both sides of shield. They hook tear-off film on outer surface and Pinlock® Evo sheet on inner surface of shield. This newly developed tear-off hook is in eccentric type and can be turned anticlockwise. It can be turned more easily than former hook to make adjustment easier.

When shield is closed, projection on inner side of knob locks. Lifting slide lever locks a shield further.

QR-E base plate favored in NXR/RF-1200 is adopted to equip a shield. In addition to easy and firm fixing and removing of shield, shield contacts closely to window beading by spring when fully closed. Wind noise around shield and invasion of wind or rainwater are avoided.

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