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Ls2 Braker mattsvart

1 795 kr

Bra sportig prisvärd hjälm med inbyggt solvisir.

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Ls2 FF390 Braker mattsvart

Bra MC och mopedhjälm, hjälmskal av äkta polykarbonat.

Solvisir som Du enkelt manövrerar, även med handskarna på.

För den vetgirige språkbegåvade har vi härmed en nogrann information från tillverkaren!
LS2 breaks through all limits with our Breaker full face motorcycle helmet. You won't believe just how much technology, style and comfort you can get for such an aggressive price. The lightweight, aerodynamic shell is made from our super light, super strong Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA). KPA has an ultra-high penetration resistance, and offers just a bit of energy absorbing flexibility. We use 3 shells, for the smallest, lightest shell possible. A large scoop-style vent at the top is easy to adjust and ported to exhaust out the back for true, dynamic flow-through ventilation. Additional ventilation at the chin is controlled by a simple slider switch; easy to use, even with a gloved hand. The eye port is wide, allowing for superior peripheral vision. The Fog Fighter shield is fog-resistant, scratch resistant and optically correct and includes a simple to use quick release system to make changing your shield a breeze. The technical fabric comfort liner is plush and all-day comfortable. It's fully removable and washable, so you can keep it as fresh as the day it was new. Finishing things off is a DOT approved micrometric, quick release chinstrap system. Just click and go. The Breaker sets the standard for a high-value, high performance full face motorcycle helmet. Meets or exceeds both DOT and ECE 22.5 standards.

All LS2 visors are bulit with 3D Optically Correct "A Class" Polycarbonate, a space-age polymer with high resistance to impact, that avoids distortion and offers maximum clarity.

To ensure optimal protection the helmet must fit your head to perfection, special attention should be paid to the shell shape design and materials to minimize the effects of a possible impact. It is key to obtain a perfect fit to your head from outside to inside, as well as the shell, the configuración of the EPS liner, which should match closely the human head shape.

All LS2 helmets feature a Dynamic Flow-­through Ventilation. Fully adjustable intake ports and vented EPS work with the rear spoiler and exhaust ports to create a constant, light flow of air helping to keep the rider cool and comfortable.

Certified ECE 22.05
GR 1400 ± 50
3 Shells

 Removable & Washable
 Laser-Cut Foam
  Chin Curtain
  Breath Deflector
  Magna-Tech Liner
  Ready for LINKIN Ride Pal

  Twin Shield System
  Quick Release System
  Scratch Resistant
  UV Resistant
  Fog Resistant
  Anti Fog System Max Vision

  Steel Quick Release Buckle
  Emergency Release System
  Reinforced Chin Strap
  Metal Security Plate
  Reflective Safety Patch
  Multi-Density EPS
  Neck Roll

  Channeled Ports
  Top Vent
  Chin Vent
  Exhaust Port

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